Jukebox Value
Select the brand and model below to see the current (insurance) value of your jukebox model

  • Below are guide prices for the insurance value in the European Union (in Euro)
    Use a currency converter website to convert to your local currency (example : XE.com )
  • Value in a private sale might be up to 30%-40% lower
  • Prices are shown from 2016 onwards so (possible) value change trends can be observed
  • Prices are based on models in perfect condition/working order. Prices of lesser quality models might be significantly lower
  • Jukeboxhistory.info is not and will not be held liable or responsible for the accuracy and/or the legality of the guide prices provided below. Prices below are only provided as insucance guide prices. Consult a local jukebox and/or insurance specialist for the accurate value of your jukebox
  • Jukeboxhistory.info does not buy or sell jukeboxes - Please do not contact us if you want to sell your jukebox or buy one!

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