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FP-300 Maestro

William M. Filben (1892 - †1940) created the Maestro meachanism (with record changing times of less than 6 seconds) in 1937 and filed for patent. The patent was awarded and published in March 1942 with his widow's name Bernice M. Filben, almost 2 years after his death.

The Maestro is shaped by the famous designer Raymond Loewy and was sold for USD $595.00. It was availble in with red and (rare) green plastics. Only abouy 1.100 units have been produced and only around 55 survived.

ModelFP-300 Maestro
# Selections30
# Records30
Produced± 1.100
Dimensions (HxWxD)142 x 81 x 71 cm (56 x 32 x 28")
Weight± 227 kg (500 Lbs)

Remote speakerTeardrop
Wallboxe.g. Buckley Music Box
Cabinet KeyUnknown