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Aireon, founded as Aircraft Accessories in 1937, produced electronic and radio equipment during the war. In December of 1944 they were renamed to Aireon Manufacturing Corporation and entered the jukebox market in 1946.

The first jukebox series from the Aireon Manufacturing Corp. at 1401 Fairfax Trafficway in Kansas City headed by Randolph C. Walker was designed and patented by Ernest F. Thomson in 1946.

Randolph C. Walker
Randolph C. Walker
The jukebox was officially named "Aireon 1200A Super De Luxe" but also nicknamed "Airliner" because of the size. The following "Aireon Fiesta" series: "Fiesta Standard", "Fiesta 1207A DeLuxe" ("Artisan"), and "Fiesta 1208A" ("Blond Bombshell"), was also design patented by Ernest F. Thomson, although some collectors believe the design to be classic Raymond Loewy, and the auxiliary speakers, the "Impresario", the "Melodeon", and the "Carilleon", were all designed by Jay B. Doblin.

All patents were assigned to the independent federal agency Reconstruction Finance Corp., which had become responsible for the production of "Aireon" coin-operated phonographs due to financial difficulties in the Aireon Manufacturing Corp. A following phonograph model of 1948 officially named "Aireon 1209A Coronet", and nicknamed "Canned Ham" by the public, was unfortunately not design patented, but it is possible that the design of the cabinet is part of a functional patent not yet located in patent office files.

After having major financial problems Aireon did close in early 1950.

history information credited to: Gert J. Almind (The history of coin-operated phonographs - unpublished manuscript, November 8, 2010)
Aireon Manufacturing Corporation - Factory: 1401 Fairfax Trafficway, Kansas City, KS 66115

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