About jukeboxhistory.info

How it all started...

Several years ago I got interested in Jukeboxes after visiting an special Jukebox exhibition in Museum Flehite in Amersfoort
(The Netherlands). I was impressed by the changing mechanisms and colors of those machines.

Later on, I managed to buy some books about Jukeboxes but it was until a colleague of mine bought a AMI Model J Jukebox that I got really interested in the history of Jukeboxes. Since the price of Jukeboxes in Europe is quite high, I started buying some AMI WQ-200 wallboxes in the USA and have them shipped over to the Netherlands.

I was getting more and more curious about the manufacturers of jukeboxes and started to search the Internet. Unfortunately most sites only mention the different models and only a few have information or pictures about the production process or the factories.

With this site I try to fill the gap left behind by sites such as, the excellent one, from Tom DeCillis: Tomszone.com

Tomszone and other information sites, however have disappeard online, mainly because their owners passed away.
I believe it is a shame if their effort in collecting information is no longer available and decided to host their lost web sites.

Tomszone from Tom DeCillis: tomszone.jukeboxhistory.info
Seeburg History from Tony Miller: seeburghistory.jukeboxhistory.info
Seeburg Ed's from Edgar Diamante: seeburgeds.jukeboxhistory.info

This site focusses roughly on the period 1945-1965 and I try to supply information that is not often available and that I found over the years, some of it I own some of it I have seen somewhere else. You can expect to find on this site now or soon things like: copies of AMI Manuals (User, Service and Part manuals), AMI Service bulletins, Merchandising, Old Pictures, Pictures of WurliTzer ads, coins, Personnel badges, Envelopes etc....

My goal is to provide everything free of charge because I believe a lot of junk is sold on the Internet and my intention is to have this site as an "information only" site. I will build this site slowly, so check back regularly to see the new pages.

David van Etten
The Netherlands

If you have any information, you would like to share, or any comments please mail me at: admin@jukeboxhistory.info