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J.P. Seeburg Piano Company - Office & Factory Tour - 1928 (Black/White without Audio)

- Exterior view of the Seeburg factory. This appears to be nothing more than a film segment showing a large painting or artistic rendering of the Seeburg factory.

- The Seeburg factory office, with J.P. Seeburg standing and talking to his son, N. Marshall Seeburg, who is seated at his office desk.

- Showroom scene with a Seeburg KT Special (at left) and some type of keyboardless, roll operated residence, mortuary, or small theater type pipe organ.

- A view inside the Seeburg factory, showing men working on a music roll frame and (at left) a race horse mechanism, and a final quick view of men finishing what look to be style K or KT type piano sounding boards.

(Although this movie is not about jukeboxes it gives a good impression about the Seeburg factory)

Total running time is approximately 2 minutes.
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